Alkaline Water For Your Health – Why You Should Be Skeptical

Our health is one of the most important things we have, and feeling and functioning at our best is essential for living at our fullest.

So it’s important to be selective what we feed ourselves. The water we consume is especially important since it makes up a large portion of the body. We need to make sure we get enough of it. And increasingly nowadays, we need to make sure that the water we consume is clean and free of contaminants.

The result of this is a rapidly growing water industry that profits from selling all types of products. Some, like filtration products are great. Others, like flavored water, bottled water, and alkaline water are not really effective.

Alkaline water has always had its advocates. Chances are you might have heard about it or know someone you swears to drink nothing but this type of water.

Unfortunately, there is no science that backs these claims. Drinking alkaline water for your health is simply not an efficient use of your time and resources. And drinking water that has strong alkaline properties could be hazardous to your health.

To learn more about alkaline water for your health, it’s important to understand what it is. Basically, people purchase water ionizers which use electrolysis to separate water into two batches: acidic and alkaline. The alkaline batch is consumed while the acidic batch is discarded.

It’s important not to confuse water ionization with water filtration. With ionization, we are separating water into acidic and basic portions, and consuming only the basic portion.

Why would we do this? Well, proponents say good things about alkaline water for your health. They state that its high in antioxidants, and can slow aging and disease. It is also frequently mentioned to prevent certain forms of cancer. Many also report feeling energized as the result of drinking alkaline water.

As mentioned before, there is no science to back these claims. Pure, natural water (the way nature intended it to be) is neither acidic nor basic, rather it neutral or very close to neutral. Using water ionizers to make water more basic only makes it less natural. Even worse, it can strip water of its natural minerals that should be consumed with water.

Furthermore, the world health organization recommends water have a pH of between 6.5 and 8.0. In other words, it prefers water be kept as close to neutral (pH 7) as possible. Water ionizers, however, produce alkaline water that has a pH of 9 or higher.

To add to this, studies show that alkalosis (cellular pH becoming more basic) caused alkaline-induced cell death as a result of altering mitochondrial function. Also, more studies show that alkaline water is not effective for prevention or treatment of cancer.

So what should you do about this? Basically, keep things simple. Using alkaline water for your health is not a good strategy. Instead you should look to obtain the best filtered water possible.

And that’s not to say bottled water is a good idea. You might be surprised to learn that the bottled water industry is largely unregulated. It’s up to manufacturers to make their own standards. Often, they simply place the same tap water you already have in plastic bottles.

The plastic in bottles can be harmful since the chemicals in the plastic can mix with the water. This is similar to microwaving liquids in foam cups – we know that it’s bad since the chemicals in the styrofoam can seep into the liquid. Similarly, plastic bottles pose a risk as well.

For high quality water, use a multi-filtration water system, and if you’re on the go, place it in a glass jar or a thermos instead of a plastic bottle. Multi-filtration systems are the more modern filtration systems on the market and channel water through numerous small pores to filter out contaminants while leaving important minerals and nutrients in the water you drink.

As you can see, there’s plenty to know when it comes to water. When looking into an effective filtration system, don’t be afraid to do your research. As you’ve seen, there are plenty of water filtration solutions out there. Some are great and some (like water ionizers) are no so great. However, with a bit of research, you will find that the best products are definitely worth the time and effort to find.

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Overwhelming Evidence Why You Need To Purify Water For Drinking

Why on earth would you need to purify water for drinking purposes? Surely, the water that enters your household is clean and pure? All tap water is highly suspect. The amount of contamination in our water supplies these days is unbelievable.

I am sure that many people have a tendency to ignore the figures stating the amount of chemical pollution in their water supply. This is most likely because they are given in “trace” amounts. Besides if there was only one chemical in your water supply at trace amounts the effect would be negligible. However, literally thousands of chemicals populate your water supply. Therefore, their overall effect will start to build up. When there are more than one chemical present in your water their effect is multiplied many times over.

How much water have you consumed over the past years without giving a thought to how much contamination is present? All these trace amounts will add up and could lead to health problems. Many of the chemicals are carcinogenic, which is the reason why the figures for cancer have risen steadily over decades.

In addition to the pollution your water collects on its journey to the local treatment plant. When it gets there, the water utility company will add either chlorine or chloramine to disinfect the water. This is to stop bacteria and does not have any effect on the chemicals are present in your water.

Whilst it is very commendable that the water utility company adds these chemicals for your safety, they form by-products from their interaction with natural organisms in the water. From this interaction comes THM’s or Trihalomethanes, these will cause health problems attacking the liver, kidney and central nervous system.

Many people believe that the chlorine added by the water utility plant is the only source of this chemical. However, chlorine is one of the most frequently mass-produced chemicals in United States. It has many uses, including as bleach in the manufacture of paper and cloth. It can also be found in pesticides, rubber and solvents. We must not forget its use in our swimming pool water, industrial waste and sewage.

The simplest way to remove this chemical from your water supply is by some form of filtration. You have to look for a unit which will not only remove the chlorine but also other contaminants as well. Many of the filters available are very effective at eliminating some of the pollution from your water. You need to find a chlorine water filter that will remove 99% of this chemical.

One of the most effective filters at removing not only chlorine but other contaminants as well are multi stage active carbon filters. Recent research has shown this to be far superior to other technologies. It also has the advantage of being less expensive than other similar systems. The investment you make in a good water purifier will pay dividends as your family will have healthy and clean water, whenever they wish.

Portable Water Purification System – A One Time Investment For a Lifetime of Clean Water

Have you put off purchasing a home water filter system because you’re worried that you would lose your investment if you had to move? Well I’m here to tell you that its possible to purchase a portable water purification system, guaranteed to easily and conveniently move with you. This means that you make a one-time investment for a lifetime of clean water for your and family.

Let’s face it. With all the environmental toxins that experts are telling us are in our water, owning a water purification system is no longer a luxury. It’s is a necessity. Just doing some simple research online will yield dozens of companies that specialize in home water treatment. However, there are only a few that provide portable water purification products.

Heavy duty systems like reverse osmosis and distillation tend to be more appropriate for commercial use. When adapted for residential use, these water purification systems are still unwieldy and maintenance-intensive. Even if you weren’t looking for a portable water purification system, reverse osmosis and distillation have other drawbacks that may make you rethink the hefty investment. Both require the addition of a carbon filter that must be regularly changed, to catch synthetic chemical contaminants and parasites and bacteria that the main filters are incapable of removing. Both systems also strip out health-enhancing minerals like calcium and magnesium. The end result is expensive water that is clean, but not necessarily healthy.

Bottled water could be considered portable water purification, if it wasn’t for the fact that there is no guarantee that the water is actually pure. There are no government regulations that require bottled water to be any cleaner than tap water. The U.S. FDA has publicly stated that, “Companies that market bottled water as being safer than tap water are defrauding the American public.”

For my money, the best portable water purification system is one that uses multi-stage filtration technology. This comprehensive approach to water purification means that everything I don’t want in my water is removed and everything that I do want in my water remains untouched.

I no longer have to worry about high levels of chlorine leaching heavy metals from my plumbing or creating an irritating gas in the steam from my shower. I can also feel confident knowing that synthetic chemicals like pesticides, herbicides and agricultural runoff are not in my little girl’s glass of water. She can enjoy a safe, pure, great tasting drink of water that contains essential minerals important for the health of her teeth and bones.

You may be pleasantly surprised to learn that multi-stage filtration products come in a variety of forms designed to suit your personal needs. Over and under the counter water dispensers, shower filters and whole house filters can provide water when and where you want it. Each of these products is a portable water purification system in itself, as they are just as easy to remove as they are to install. If you need to relocate or just want to purchase a new home, your portable water purification system easily goes with you.

Make no mistake about it. A home water treatment system is an important investment that deserves serious consideration. Why not spend your hard-earned money on a system that delivers the cleanest, healthiest, best-tasting water WHEREVER you may be. A one-time investment in portable water purification will yield a lifetime of healthy returns for you and your family.

Whole House Water Treatment – Covering All Your Clean Water Bases

Let’s face it. Safe, clean water shouldn’t just come out of the faucet in your kitchen. It should be available to your family in every part of the house. If you’re shopping for water treatment equipment, then covering all your clean water bases with whole house water treatment is something you should seriously consider.

Now before you disagree with me, just hear me out. The importance of having purified water doesn’t end with drinking. You also need safe, clean water for cooking, bathing and showering. And still, it doesn’t end there.

Quality water treatment equipment should be able to remove corrosive chemicals that come into contact with your home plumbing. This means protecting your family from lead, copper and other heavy metals that can be leached from your pipes into your water. Whole house water treatment addresses this critical issue.

And there’s one more thing I’d like to bring to your attention. There is also an environmental consideration to water treatment equipment: after the water is used, it returns into the city sewer line. Effective whole house water treatment ensures that your used water is free of harmful chemicals and bacteria. So in the long run, you are providing extra protection to your family, as well as your community.

Whole house water treatment also makes sense in terms of cost and convenience. It costs less than 50 cents a day to have safe, clean water delivered to your family through faucets, showers, baths, toilets, washers, etc. The upkeep for this type of water treatment equipment is fairly minimal. If you ever have to move, this system is easy to disconnect and take with you to your new location.

I’ve done extensive research into whole house water treatment and have found a system that adds a HEALTHY component to their method of water purification. This water treatment equipment uses a method called multi-stage filtration, which comprehensively purifies water while leaving healthful minerals like calcium, potassium and magnesium untouched. Easily getting your daily mineral intake from drinking water is such a great way to support the health of your teeth, bones and other important bodily functions.

This is a bonus that is not included with the more common water treatment equipment, such as distillation and reverse osmosis.

Make no mistake. Whole house water treatment based on multi-stage filtration is the best way to cover all your clean water bases. I’d like to invite you to read more about this comprehensive water treatment equipment at my web site. I’ve done a lot of research so that you don’t have to.

Shopping For the Best Fish Oil For Health – Discover What to Look For

It is a fact: If you are looking for the best fish oil for health, then the best supplements are those that are made from fish that swim in the cold, deep waters of the parts of the oceans that are clean from pollution.

The reason is twofold:

1. Based on scientific data, these fish carry the highest concentrations of the omega 3 essential acids DHA and EPA.

In case you don’t know this, these acids are the most important in terms of health benefits. Between the two of them, DHA is superior. This is because it can readily convert to EPA, or any other of the omega 3 essential acids, on account of its chemical structure.

The converse, however, (i.e. conversion of EPA to DHA) does not happen very efficiently, especially in people with compromised immune systems like older people or people who are sick.

2. Most parts of the oceans around the world are heavily polluted with all kinds of chemical contaminants. Therefore, paying special attention to the origin of these fish is crucial in your selection of the best fish oil for health.

Species of fish

Some natural habitats around the world that are renowned for their high quality fish and their clean environments are located near Alaska, Norway and off the south coast of New Zealand.

The types of fish that swim in these waters are varied. Two of your best choices are salmon and a fish called hoki.

Hoki is not very well known in the western world, as it lives in the waters of South East Pacific Ocean, off the coast of New Zealand. It is worth mentioning that this particular area is considered one of the least polluted on the planet.

Molecular distillation

Now, do you think that by making sure that the fish source for your supplement comes from the cleanest possible waters will guarantee its purity?

Well, unfortunately, the answer is no. And the reason is simple: Even if the waters are far from industrial pollution, fish can be contaminated from pollution that is created from nature itself.

Therefore, in order for all contaminants to be removed, the fish oil has to undergo a purification process before it is turned into a concentrate.

Today, an advanced method that is proven the most efficient utilizes technology called molecular distillation. Briefly, this works by separating pure fish oil from contaminants based on weight.


To sum up, the three important things to know when buying the best fish oil for health are the following:

1.The source fish should be one that lives in the cold, deep seas devoid of industrial pollution.

2.The fish should be very rich in DHA and EPA, especially DHA, and

3.The supplement should be molecularly distilled, to ensure purity.