The Ultimate Water For Health is From an Atmospheric Water Generator

Creating pure water from the air is no longer science fiction. Atmospheric water generators are now available for home use. Just imagine creating pure drinking water that is healthy, environmentally friendly, and surprisingly affordable!

An Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) works like a humidifier, only better. AWG’s take the moisture from the air. The resulting water is then filtered, leaving the purest, healthiest water available. Imagine drinking pure, tasteless water without worrying about contaminants in the water supply. You won’t have to drink water containing chlorine remnants, traces of prescription drugs, or rocket fuel ingredients. With an AWG, you are left with clean, crystal clear water.

The Environmental Benefits

Environmentally conscious people understand that water shortages are happening all over the world. They are also well aware of the problem resulting from bottled water. In addition to people paying a lot of money for water that may or may not be cleaner than tap water, the planet is becoming inundated with the leftover bottles. More and more communities are banning bottled water from buildings and events.

Atmospheric water generators can help avert water shortages and ensure that you can still drink during water crises. They can also decrease recycling costs and water container pollution in communities. Finally, you can do your part for the environment without sacrifice.

The Financial Strain

Although it sounds high-tech to pluck water from the air to drink, the concept actually uses older technology. Therefore, several companies offer atmospheric water generators, which is good news for consumers who want to buy them. Competition has already considerably dropped the price of water generators to the point where consumers can actually save money by buying a unit.

You can drink the ultimate water for health for about the same cost as buying a cooler dispenser and the giant, heavy bottles of ‘probably’ healthy water. It’s definitely less expensive and more convenient than buying individual water bottles, and think of the water bill savings!

AWGs are small, convenient, affordable units that give the pure, healthy water that you want to drink. You can feel safe about the water that you drink and give to your family. You can prevent problems environmentally instead of cleaning up damage that you’ve already done. Moreover, you can do all of this as you save money during a financial crisis. Atmospheric water generators are a taste of the future available right here in the present!


Jan Roos

Important Facts About Drinking Clean Water

Water is the most important element for living beings to survive, second only to the air we breathe!

It is not a coincidence that two-thirds of the total mass of earth consists of water. Water is a life giving resource and is itself the source of life for all living beings. Science has long proven that an average human body consists of 60-70% water.

Water for Good Health

Famous anthropologist, philosopher and natural science writer Loren Eiseley once said, “If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.” It is indeed magic the way ample intake of water operates the machinery of our body so smoothly, while inadequate water intake or drinking contaminated water will make this machine go rusty. Water energizes every cell in our body while reduced water supply causes dehydration. Dehydration in turn causes a number of conditions, the most common being fatigue and can even be fatal in its extreme state!

The Role of Water in Proper Body Functioning

Miracles that water performs in our body are limitless. Here are few examples:

  • It regulates our metabolism, digestive system and keeps our kidneys working at their best potential. This is because water dissolves most substances much better than other liquids.
  • When we keep replenishing our body’s water supply, it keeps us energized and feeling full.
  • These are also reasons why drinking water is said to lose weight.
  • Water is the best detoxifying agent, thus helps in acquiring glowing skin and delays the process of ageing.
  • Whats more is that water reduces the risk of contracting certain cancers substantially e.g. colon cancer and bladder cancer.
  • It keeps our brain and nervous system in a great running condition even as we age.

Water Consumption and Contamination in the US

According to careful estimates, the US consumes around 346, 000 million gallons of water every day. This includes industrial and agricultural use as well as for drinking. Of this amount, nearly 80% is used for purposes other than drinking. Out of the total, there is about 80-85% of the total US population that receives water from public facilities.

The 1974 Safe Water Drinking Act urged the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to make sure that all public water systems meet the minimum safe standards to protect public health. Most tap water in the US contains lead, fluoride, arsenic and other extremely dangerous contaminants. EPA identifies a number of pollutants that have contaminated tap water. According to the agency’s website, “EPA strongly encourages people to learn more about their drinking water, and to support local efforts to protect and upgrade the supply of safe drinking water.”

Water pollutants can turn this nature’s blessing into a health adversary instead. The chlorine in water can make your hair and skin lusterless, the lead content will make it difficult for your kidneys to properly filter the blood waste and these are only a few examples. That is why it is absolutely essential to ensure that you drink clean water only.

Importance of Drinking Clean Filtered Water

Clean water can be considered an internal healing substance. It acts from within to provide us better physical and mental health. The cosmetic benefits are also countless. Drinking lots of water daily is imperative for maintaining good health. Clean drinking water does not only make the body function better, cures a number of conditions but it can also prevent us from potential illnesses.

Commit yourself to start consuming this abundant blessing of nature from today, in its purest form possible, and get ready to see water working its magic in your life!

Fresh, Clean Water Anytime, Anywhere

The thought of having clean fresh drinking water has always been a dilemma. I know that even in my field it is of utmost importance when I am creating ozonated water for our patients and families to consume. I can never be certain of the source, bottled or any water I buy or use cannot be trusted as a reliable source, even the media agrees with that statement and they have now started talking about it everywhere.

We are all in a dilemma when it comes to having pure, fresh and clean drinking water for our needs. Most supplies around the world are contaminated and we have been forced to consume bottled water. Recently we have found out that this water is as well, unreliable. The bottles are a major issue due to their disposal and how it affects the environment. Even the bottles, unless made of glass are a potential danger to your health no matter if they are BPA free or not. These bottles are distributed in open trucks and in extreme temperatures or held in storage facilities without temperature control. Scientists have noted that at 84 degrees Fahrenheit these bottles release toxins some of which are xenoestrogens or mimicking estrogens. These toxic by-products have been related to breast cancer and many other diseases and disorders.

It has been reported that many bottled water companies lie as well about the purity and quality of their water and since it is impossible to check, bottled water goes out unregulated and is basically the same as tap water if not worse.

There are some ethical companies that produce real, pure bottled water, we have one in Malaysia, but again the issue is that water is very difficult to ship across continents due to the cost. Just take a look at Avian water and it’s cost. To produce the same water in another country the start-up cost would be astronomical. Most people would not be able to burden that cost. Even if they did, it would be a long time before they would see any profit from their sales and distribution. This would also make the water prohibitively expensive to most of us.

So what’s the answer, well, really it is quite obvious, take the aspect of having pure, clean water in your own hands. It is the only way that we can be certain that the water we drink and feed our families is as it states. Certainly there are filters and gadgets that one can put into their homes to ensure the quality of their drinking water but again the expense really is more than most can shoulder.

What if I told you that you could have all this in your hands at a fraction of the price that it costs to buy bottled water and that you could take water from any source and easily convert it to clean, fresh, pure drinking water? Yes, any source! You could travel with this in those countries where water is undrinkable and feel safe drinking it. It takes only a few seconds to do. So whether it be Mexico or Bali, just take it from the tap and drink it. Whether hiking in the mountains or in the jungle, any water source is usable with this method.

Start making water for yourself instead of depending on others to do it for you, take the power into your own hands and make your own fresh, pure, clean drinking water. There is no down side to this. If you follow what I have been trying to explain to you, not only will you have fresh, clean and pure drinking water in your own hands, at any time but you will also save the environment from those plastic bottles that do so much damage. It is our planet and we need to do what we can to help in its preservation. Take the power back in your own hands!

Purify Water For Drinking and Stay Safe From Numerous Health Problems

Yesterday when I visited one of my friend’s place, I was shocked to find out that they are still consuming water coming out directly from the tap. Understanding that she was probably ignorant about the sorry state our tap water is in, I explained her why it’s important to purify water for drinking.

As per a recent study done on samples of water collected from over hundreds of places all over the country, it was found that tap water essentially contains over 80,000 odd contaminants at any point of time. And out of this large number, nearly 2,100 are known to be associated with the deadly disease of cancer.

The best way to stay away from these water borne ailments is to purify water for drinking and preferably showering as well. See, the point is that these contaminants are extremely dangerous for your health. This risk is even more for kids, pregnant women and elder people whose immune system is not as developed as that of an average young adult.

Stomach infections, acne, cholera, typhoid, dysentery, rectal cancer, bladder cancer – these are few of the ailments caused due to consuming this bad water. In fact the dangerous contaminants like lead can even lead to improper brain development in children!

It is simply too much of risk to consume water which is coming directly from your tap. You can resort to the old day’s formula of boiling the water and then using it. But I know it is not a practical enough and even efficient enough formula in the busy lives of today. So, what should one do to purify water for drinking?

The most easy and feasible solution is to have an efficient and effective water purification device installed at your home. The best ones typically involve multiple stages of filtration explicitly done to make sure all types of contaminants are removed from the water. They are essentially based on the advanced purification techniques like sub micron filtration and ion exchange which makes them capable of providing 99% clean and pure aqua.

Like it is important to purify water for drinking, it is also important to use clean and contaminant free water for other purposes like brushing your teeth and taking a shower. After all when you take a shower or brush in unclean water, you indirectly expose your body to the risk of contaminants and the ailments caused due to them.

However, if you choose to use a whole house purification system, you can easily avoid all these health risks and lead a peaceful and healthy life. These systems get installed at the main inlet pipe from where water enters your home and make sure that not even a single impurity is allowed to even enter your sweet home.

This is one of the best ways to purify water for drinking, as well as showering. Take it as a single time investment and give it a thought. After all your family’s health is worth it!

The Facts On Fish Oil Supplements For Health

Fish oil supplements for health is becoming increasingly well known. Almost everyone nowadays has heard or read about the benefits of omega 3 fatty acids and fish oils are the richest source of omega 3 fatty acids.

Some people also want to know what the fish oil supplement RDA is. RDA meaning recommended daily allowance.

The fact of the matter is that there isn’t a fish oil supplement RDA because there is no RDA set forth by the government for fish oil or omega 3 fatty acids.

Certain health experts have varying opinions on how much omega 3 fatty acids we need for good health, but these are just opinions, not recommended daily allowances.

However, certain types of oil that are mistakenly labled as such oil — like cod liver oil — are very high in certain vitamins such as Vitamin A, which can be toxic in high doses. Which means if you are taking something like cod liver oil, you need to carefully watch your RDA for Vitamin A because you will be ingesting a lot of it from the cod liver oil and you want to be careful to not go well over the RDA levels.

In our opinion, because of the potentially toxic effects of cod liver oil, if you want to use fish oil supplements for health, you should stick to a different type of fish source.

The best ones are fish that come from cold, deep, and clean Ocean waters. Cold and deep is important because these types of waters are the ones that are native to the fish with the highest beneficial omega 3 fatty acid content. Clean is important because much of the world’s Ocean waters are polluted and therefore, many once beneficial fish, now harbor contaminants like PCB’s, mercury, and more.

Certain salmon in clean waters of Alaska, certain fish off the coast of Norway, and certain fish species, such as the prized Hoki, off the Southern coast of New Zealand are some examples of cold, deep water fish that come from pristine water sources.

However, if you want to take fish oil supplements for health, you need to make sure you are only buying a product that has been molecularly distilled. Even if the fish is coming from a pristine source. This is because even if you don’t have to worry about man-made pollution, there is always nature-made pollution.

For example, a volcano eruption may spew a great deal of contaminants in a large area.

Molecular distillation is a process by which impurities are removed from the oil, leaving only the beneficial oil.

In conclusion, there are two things to look for when purchasing a high quality fish oil supplement: a fish naturally high in omega 3 fatty acids, and a fish oil that has undergone molecular distillation to ensure purity.