Healthy Water For Life!

Humans have made an impact in literally every area of the world in which they have inhabited with regards to the environment and of all the resources that have been impacted the most our water on this planet has been abused the most. Industrial waste, careless polluters and an over all disregard for the life giving properties our water ways and systems provide us everyday have pushed this most precious resource to a breaking point. The oceans, lakes, rivers & streams of our world use to be teaming with an abundance of wild life free of pesticides and deadly levels of mercury and now it has gotten so bad that even pregnant mothers cannot freely eat the fish caught in these systems without fear of the deadly effects that these pollutants may have on their unborn children.

The story is not so different around the world either. Droughts and the mismanagement of natural wet lands have left many countries without a viable means of providing safe, pure and clean drinking water for their populations and when this is combined with the effects that the deforestation of our worlds rain forests is causing the future begins to look mighty grim. It is time we begin living as part of our natural world and perhaps learn some new tricks from mother nature herself. Our planets troposphere holds an immense amount of water in the form of water vapor otherwise known as humidity and it is through the sudden and sharp cooling of this water vapor that we get rain, snow as well as the other forms of precipitation around the world.

Recent study details released by the Associated Press to news agencies such as ABC and CNN have revealed shocking news pertaining to the condition of many major cities tap water sources. Many of you yourselves have experienced bad water at one time or another from all over the US. Complaints of bad odor, over chlorination, high iron contents, mineral deposits are just a few of the thousands we have heard over the years. These latest studies however reveal that the latest contaminants to get into our water systems are that of pharmaceutical drugs and it is the how they got there that is the most disturbing facts of all. Our bodies cannot absorb all that we take into them and this pretty much goes for everything you ingest so whatever is not absorbed is passed on into our waste water sewage systems to be reprocessed by your local water treatment facilities and then returned to the water systems.

New fears with regards to drug interactions for those currently taking prescribed medications are very good reason for the alarm as this one demographic covers a very large portion of our cities populations for both the young and elderly. State and Federal agencies would have us believe that it is alright for us to ingest small quantities of a great many things to include pharmaceutical drugs as well as certain chemicals such as Chlorine which alone all by itself is an extremely dangerous chemical that when released in vapor form can cause death of most living creatures including humans. When did it become O.K. to put into our bodies that which is neither natural nor healthy for us to consume?

Atmospheric water generators (AWG) are now available for homes, businesses, agriculture, horticulture, industrial water production and emergency disaster relief for areas stricken by natural disasters which in most cases leave people without clean drinking water free of water born bacteria, viruses & fungi. These systems are state of the art and available to the public and private sectors by several companies so you can share the many benefits these systems offer to your family, friends and co-workers. There are many other companies which focus solely on water filtration systems however you have to consider one very important fact about water filtration and ask this question, “if a county water treatment facility cannot remove contaminants such as pesticides, fertilizers or pharmaceutical drugs from the water they treat then how can they claim to do any better with anything you could possibly afford to purchase”? The fact is that the water content of our own atmosphere is the single largest untapped source of water on the planet and by using it we greatly diminish our dependence our daily usage of water resources that are already stretched to a breaking point.

Healthy water for LIFE is about echoing nature in that our atmospheric water generators pull the water content from the air and purify it through a 12 step water filtration process which does not include having to remove chemicals, pharmaceuticals or minerals from the water as the airs water content does not carry these to begin with. Furthermore, we have borrowed a bit of good old fashioned medical know how from the late 1800’s and early 1900’s when people would place “Silver” into water canteens and even in their bottles of milk to prolong its freshness by way of what is know as the Colloidal Silver effect. You can read more on this in the Atmospheric Water Generator section of our web site.

Drink to your health and forget about any other alternatives that suggest that any water contaminants are good for you!

Without Countertop Water Filters – Are You Drinking Clean Water?

Hold it! Is that tap water as pure as you expect? You should be genuinely concerned about the quality and cleanliness of the water you and your children drink daily. This concern is justified as water-borne diseases in this day and age are still threats to health.

Is Tap Water Safe to Drink?

Water consumers are not always fully aware of the risks from water-borne contaminants. Water sources vary; thus, doubts over the 100% pureness about the tap water you’re drinking are justified. The installation of countertop water filters can ease your mind and assure you that your family is not drinking all the unseen impurities that come from tap water.

You should be receiving the annual water quality report from your water supplier, but make sure that the report includes information as to water source and the presence and type of contaminants in the water. The chlorine level should also be indicated to alert parents of children with allergies.

But tap water is no longer safe to drink, unless you have installed countertop water filters to filter harmful contaminants and bacteria. Imagine water traveling miles in those pipes that have been there since you can remember. How secure are these from the infiltration of germs?

The harmful substances in tap water range from plead, microscopic parasites, E. Coli, fertilizers, and sewage spills that seep into the water reservoir. The idea of it is bone-chilling.

How Countertop Water Filters Work

If you’re a mom with young and not-so-young children, your concern is their health and safety. Act on it by having the convenience of fresh and clean water anytime without the hassle of worrying about water-borne germs that lead to various ailments.

Some individuals may opt for bottled, mineral, or distilled water, while some will prefer the convenience of water filters attached to the tap. Water filters come in various designs and filtration processes. Before water reaches the glass, it undergoes six stages of water filtration using the Kinetic Degradation Fluxion (KDF) process.

The KDF process renders the contaminants in the water into harmless components, dissolves chlorine, removes lead, and inhibits bacterial and fungal growths. The water filters have incorporated with scale reduction and bacteria control.

With this filtration technology, you are assured that your drinking water is several times purer than plain tap water without those convenient water filters.

Water for Health and Life

Water is essential for life and good health. Water plays an important role in your and your family’s health. If you’ve heard old folks telling you to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water, there’s some wisdom to it. Water hydrates the body, aids in digestion, and flushes out toxins. Drinking enough water everyday eases symptoms of arthritis, headaches, indigestion, congestion, brittle nails, dry skin and dandruff, muscle pains, and respiratory infections.

Clean Water Anytime

Considering the expense and the inconvenience of ordering or waiting for the delivery of your designer water, think about having water filters in the home. There is no drinking water shortage with countertop water filters in the home. You are also assured of good tasting food and beverages when using purified water for cooking and mixing fruit juices and other health drinks.

Convenience from countertop water filters and clean water for health – make the empowering choice for you and your family.

Drinking Alkaline Water for Better Health

Since the body is primarily made up of water, it makes sense that the water you drink should be as healthy as possible. It’s always a good idea to replace acidifying soft drinks, sodas and coffee with water. However, drinking alkaline water will provide many health benefits for your body that ordinary tap water or even bottled water cannot provide. Creating your own alkaline water at home can be one of the easiest ways of improving your health.

Health Benefits of Alkaline Water

It is a wonderful choice if you have problems with indigestion. Many people who have suffered for years from digestive problems have found relief by switching to alkaline water. It can help to cleanse the colon, removing years of accumulated waste. Constipation can also be alleviated. It helps the body eliminate toxins, thus purifying the body and allowing it to function more efficiently. When the body’s pH is kept slightly alkaline, it is more resistant to diseases. Studies have shown that cancer cells grow faster in an acid environment, so keeping the body’s pH at a slightly alkaline level can help increase your resistance to this terrible disease. It can also help prevent premature aging, both by drinking the water as well as using it for cleansing purposes, since it results in better hydration and can actually help soften the skin. It is also a powerful antioxidant, helping to neutralize the free radicals in your body. Alkaline water has been successfully used by many individuals to treat high blood pressure, diabetes, headaches, and many other common health issues. It is also a good idea to consume if you are on a weight reduction diet, or if you are trying to maintain a healthy weight level. When the body’s pH is kept at a slightly alkaline level, weight loss and weight maintenance is easier. Many people think of ionized alkaline water as their own personal fountain of youth, because it can be used to alleviate so many negative health conditions.

How to Make Alkaline Water

There are a number of different ways to make alkaline water. If you are on a budget, you can make your water using a simple gallon jug. Add a half teaspoon of baking soda to the jug then fill with water. Shake well then test with a pH strip. Your water should have a pH level of 8.5 to 9 for optimum results. You can also use alkaline tablets or drops to alkalize your own water. There are also jug filters that can be used to make out of plain tap water. However, a water ionizing apparatus is generally the easiest and most convenient way of making sure you have plenty of alkaline water for drinking, cooking and personal cleaning. These devices can be installed under the sink or on the counter. Although water ionizers are not always inexpensive, most people who own them feel they are worth the cost in convenience and health benefits.

Americans Face a Future of Clean Water Shortages

Water is one of the hot commodities in our world today, because not everyone has it as good as we do, and many people lack the clean water resources they need for drinking and for sanitation. Most Americans haven’t had to worry about shortages yet, although many are still concerned about what the future is going to bring in that they believe within the next decade there will not only be a shortage of water, but that what they do have won’t be safe to drink. These are scary thoughts, because water is so critical to our health and well-being, and even with water filtration companies working to clean enough for our use, we still may find ourselves having problems in the upcoming years.

The U.S. Geological Survey took a poll of Americans to see what their water concerns for the next 10 years were. About 38% felt that the resources were going to be too polluted to drink within the next decade while 29% believed that shortages were going to be the biggest problem. Polls taken in the rest of the world, where people have already been having problems, show a lot more concern. In fact, 53% of those polled believe that they will be facing water shortages in the next ten years while 22% think it will be too polluted to drink.

Every human body needs water. In fact, the recommended water consumption per person is 8 8-oz. glasses each day, and that doesn’t count what we need for sanitary purposes. With the world population now topping 6,824,919,365 people, you can see that this adds up to billions of gallons of water per day. Even though a glance at a globe of the world shows that most of the surface is covered with water, the majority of it isn’t drinkable without being put through the desalinization process. Much of the rest of our water resources are so contaminated with dangerous metals and pathogens that water filtration companies need to clean it up before we can drink it.

It has taken centuries for Americans to realize that water supplies are dwindling, and many people still either don’t know or don’t care. Some areas of the country have already faced severe shortages and water rationing, yet even there you see people using tap water to water their lawns and wash their cars. Do you think they’ll notice and start being responsible when the water completely runs out?

Purifying Water For Drinking – It is Definitely the Need of the Hour

It is really shocking to see so many people taking the health risk of consuming water directly from the tap. The latest studies proving the bad state this water is in; are a clear indicator for the need of the hour – purifying water for drinking.

Yes, there is an easy option to use bottled water. But are you sure the water contained in those bottles is really clean and pure? What if I tell you that there have been studies and cases where it has already been proven that bottled water is nothing better than our regular tap water?

The fact is everyone today is extremely business-minded. Many bottled water companies take advantage of the loose rules and regulations and continue filling in tap water inside cheap quality plastic bottles and then they sell it at a huge price without worrying at all about the need for purifying water for drinking.

While this is wrong, the fact is you cannot do anything about it unless you decide to take the reins in your hands. After all it is your family, so it is your responsibility to make sure that the water they are consuming is clean, pure and hence healthy for their consumption.

Lets take a look at the types of impurities that are present in tap water – chlorine, fluoride, pesticides, deodorants, shampoos, bacteria, virus, algal, cysts, traces of metals etc. Consuming such dirty water for long, leads to numerous ailments including stomach infections, cholera and even cancer.

Now that you know this, I am sure you agree to the need of purifying water for drinking. An easy way to achieve this is to have a water purification unit installed at your home. The best ones are those which employ multiple stages of filtration based on the combination techniques of carbon filtration, ion exchange and sub micron filtration.

These systems not only eliminate each and every type of impurity from the water but also make sure that the natural mineral content of water is retained as it is. This mineral content is required for the normal functioning of our body and should not be removed during the process of filtration.

Moreover, these systems are available in different variants like the ones which can be fit under the counter or over the counter kitchen water purifiers. They are extremely easy to install, maintain and use.

So, wait no more. Please understand how important purifying water for drinking is and take the right action for ensuring the safety of your family.